Prevalence of Knee Pain in Post-Partum Females in Pakistan; A Cross-sectional Survey


  • Saher Rasheed Conventry University
  • Sana Sameer University of Brighton



Prevalence, knee pain, postpartum



Background: During the postpartum duration, emotional and psychosocial changes are experienced collectively with physiological transition, a mother can face some problems that might disturb the physical scenario of the mother or infant. This phase is very critical for female health that she experiences many difficulties before and after childbirth. Knee joint laxity enhances during pregnancy, and differences in ligamentous laxity persist in post-partum women. Joint laxity is a renowned risk factor responsible for knee osteoarthritis. Knee pain including patellofemoral disorder is common during pregnancy. Objective: The objective of this survey was to estimate the prevalence of knee pain in postpartum women in Pakistan. Methods: This cross-sectional study approved by the ethical committee comprised 79 participants from different hospitals in Pakistan, after fulfilling the eligibility criteria of knee pain in postpartum women. Each participant after the signing of an informed consent form filled out the compiled self-assessment questionnaire. Pregnant females aged between 25 to 45 years were included in the survey through non-probability convenient sampling. however, those having complications like gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and hypertension were excluded. Data were analyzed by using SPSS version 25. For baseline characteristics, frequency and percentages were calculated. A histogram was plotted for the age variable. Results: The findings showed that 79 postpartum females with a mean age of 27.45±2.36 years. In this study, the prevalence of knee pain in postpartum females was 54.3%. The mean value of the age of patients is given in Figure-I. About 30.4% of the females were overweight and 25.3% of females showed moderate knee joint pain when patients went up or down stairs. Conclusion: Pregnant and postpartum women are more likely to develop knee pain. Knee pain is common in women of childbearing age Based on the findings, the prevalence of knee pain is 54.3% in postpartum women.




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Rasheed, S., & Sameer, S. (2022). Prevalence of Knee Pain in Post-Partum Females in Pakistan; A Cross-sectional Survey . The Healer Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, 2(1), 110–115.