Prevalence of Neck Pain and Awareness of Ergonomics among Microscope Users

Prevalence of Neck Pain in Microscope Users


  • Laraib Khalid
  • Syed Nasir Shah
  • Sumbal Salik
  • Arif Ali Rana
  • Hamza Dastgir Coventry University
  • Rija Tariq



ergonomics, neck pain, occupational injury, work-related musculoskeletal disorder


Background: Working with microscopes requires accuracy and the capacity for sustained concentration. Users of microscopes in this profession frequently need to maintain a static work position, which puts strain on the musculoskeletal system. Since pathologists frequently combine using a magnifying glass and a computer, in addition to the strain on the musculoskeletal system, magnifying lens work can cause eye strain, which is consequently known as strong strain. This can indicate an additional musculoskeletal risk. Arm, neck, and shoulder complaints cover a wide range of grievances with varying degrees of seriousness. Objective: The objective was to discover whether neck pain was common and whether microscope users were aware of ergonomics. Methods: 161 participants took part in this cross-sectional questionnaire-based study, which was executed in Lahore from February to July 2019. The participants including both men and women aged 25 to 55 were included following their signed informed consent. The study excluded those with any neck pathology, recent trauma, or surgery. Using SPSS 22.0, data analysis was carried out. The mean and standard deviation for quantitative variables were computed. Frequency and percentages were determined for qualitative variables. Results: Out of 161 survey participants, 150 (93.2%) were discovered to have musculoskeletal disorder, primarily affecting the neck region, 83 (51.6%), and only a few 53 (32.9%) were found to be aware of workplace ergonomics. Conclusion: There was a significant amount of neck pain between microscope users. Additionally, it was found that professionals generally have very little awareness of workplace ergonomics and sitting positions.

Author Biographies

Laraib Khalid



Syed Nasir Shah



Sumbal Salik



Arif Ali Rana



Rija Tariq




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Khalid, L. ., Shah, S. N. ., Salik, S. ., Rana, A. A., Dastgir, H., & Tariq, R. (2023). Prevalence of Neck Pain and Awareness of Ergonomics among Microscope Users: Prevalence of Neck Pain in Microscope Users . The Healer Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, 3(1), 334–341.





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